Letters from Bishop Squetino to sedevacantist bishops from all over the world


“Ubi Petrus ibi Ecclesia”

14 Jul 2016

1st Letter

To the Lords Sedevacantist Bishops

Ave Maria!

“There must exist in the True Church a perfect unity of regime, that is: there must be at the head of that religious society a supreme and visible authority, of divine institution, to which all the members that form it must obey.It isn´t enough a kind of friendship policy or good neighborhood among a lot of ecclesiastical headquarters disconnected legally, that is: independent of each other, without another headsupreme that an invisible and celestialChrist, whosewords and mandatesare interpreted for everyone according to his own taste.”(RP Fernando Lipúzcoa, Apologetic Breviary, 1954)

Being Jesus Christ Head of the Catholic Church and beginning of his life, there is nothing in it that He doesn´t operate and doesn´t dependon Him; He has founded it as “true and perfect society” (Pius IX) “giving him themeans necessary for its safety and action” (Leo XIII) and instituted an organ that he himself deemed appropriate to choose and He himself created to exercise in perpetuity the government of his Kingdom without spot or wrinkle of corruption: the Pope; to govern her, to speak to her incessantly and to look for this indubitable signal so that she was always sure of her guidance. Thus, promising her assistance until the end of time, she demanded in the midst of her the manifest and effective sign of his presence. This wonder was made through the institution of a Vicar, by whom the government of the Church is exercised forever in his own name and in his own virtue;and that in feeling of St. Jerome, denying their need and dignity “there will be as many schisms in the Church as there are priests.”

Now, it is impossible to even imagine a “true and perfect society” not governed by a sovereign, so the Catholic Church is “true and perfect society”, therefore it must necessarily be governed by only one: the Vicar of Jesus Christ; for it isn´t only built on Christ, but also on St. Peter as a VISIBLE FOUNDATION of that same and only authority.

The VISIBLE nature of the true Church is identified by a VISIBLE unity of Faith, a VISIBLE unity of regime, under a VISIBLE primacy of jurisdiction: the Pope.Thus, “Jesus Christ didn´t conceive or institute a Church formed of many communities that resemble certain general characteristics, but distinct from one another and not linked together by those links that can only give the Church the individuality and unity that we make profession in the symbol of faith: “I believe in the Church one” …”(Leo XIII). “Wherefore those who forge the Church in such a way that it can neither touch nor be seen are separated from the divine truth, being only a pneumatic being, as they say, in which many communities of Christians, although mutually separated in the faith, join, however, by an invisible bond.” (Pius XII)

The Vicar of Jesus Christ exercises a power that isn´t contained in the essential powers of the episcopate, but is above the episcopate by its nature and its title, because this power is the very power of Jesus Christ, Head, Principle and Sovereign of the episcopate.Consequently, the Vicar of Jesus Christ has all the unique authority of Jesus Christ without division or limitation.It isn´t an intermediate or secondary Head located between Jesus Christ and the episcopate, but it is Jesus Christ, the only Head made visible, speaking and working in the Church for the organ that ishehas chosen;being the MAIN institution from which all the formation of the Church springs. It is the first FOUNDATION of the building and it is in the SOURCE AND PRINCIPLE Church, and the bishops receive from him all that they are, because the episcopate has no other source but Jesus Christ and the Vicar of Jesus Christ in the indivisible unity of the same principality; and this as a consequence and mirror of the divine principle of procession, being that the very nature of the episcopate comes from the procession itself, and in them -this procession- creates dependency, which is nothing other than the mission or jurisdiction given and accepted.

It is not, therefore, an arbitrary disposition, but by the very necessity of the divine order of the Church so that only St. Peter can create a bishop and so there is no legitimate or possible episcopate outside of this single origin;thus, it would be enough for the Head to stop spilling this gift of life over the members so that the episcopate would be wounded of impotence and death, since it is the Vicar of Jesus Christ who gives legitimacy to the consecration of any bishop when giving the mission or authentic jurisdiction to consecrate it, or to deny it.

From which it follows that the Sedevacantist bishops only have the power of order and exercise extraordinary jurisdiction only in a provisional manner, until the Seat of St. Peter is occupied by a true Pope.AND IN ANY WAY, IT IS LIKELY TO PERPETUATE INDEFINITELY WITH THE AMPARO OF THE NEED, THROUGH THE VIRTUE OF THE EPIQUEYA, WITHOUT PUTING THE APPROPRIATE MEANS TO END THE VACANCY.

In Christo et Maria,

+ Juan José Squetino Schattenhofer


2nd Letter

Hail Mary!

After having published the letter to the Bishops Sedevacantists with our position about the need to put the means to end the vacancy of the Apostolic See, the only thing that remains is to develop our thinking and our conviction.In it I urge the bishops who say they still keep the Catholic faith, but who made the “sedevacante” a permanent state (to the point, over the years, of forming in souls the idea of ​​a Church without the need of the Pope) and not a transition, to realize that his intervention is essential to end this catastrophic state of affairs

I think the letter speaks for itself, I have nothing to add or take away from it, it perfectly transmits our thoughts, we are only going to try to make it read by all the bishops that we know personally and by references, without excluding any, (because of that is what they are talking about), to create a situation of theological discussion with them so that they become aware of the frightful fruit of division that is being gathered in the Church and in the souls for wanting to perpetuate the vacancy of the Apostolic See. Account that the bad tree of the lack of unity in a single head the Pope, will never bear good fruits and then put hands to the work to provide it.

The Church is a perfect society, like the State, and as a perfect society, has in itself the means to provide its head, whoever denies it, does so at the risk of denying their faith.What would be of a sovereign nation, also a perfect society in its kind, which for 40 years would be left without rulers?How can it be that citizens of a state devoid of government for whatever reasons, desperately seek the election of their rulers to continue existing as a sovereign state, as happened, for example, in Argentina in 2001, and we Catholics, Seeing that the headquarters of Pedro is vacant for more than 40 years, we pretend to continue being Catholics through the years, without a visible head and the worst of all is that without having the effective will to provide it by those who must do so at the risk of drag with them out of the Church to the souls that follow them?

When the dramatic situation that was called the “Great Schism of the West” (1378-1417) occurred in the Church in which it seemed that the Unity had been torn apart in three obediences, Romana, Avignon and Pisana;and that for 38 years it was not known which was the true Pope, saysSalaverri, in the treatise ofEcclesiaChristi, which was not a formal and true schismfor in all the members of the “three obediences” (as they were called to those who were under the obedience of the three different “Popes”)I saw manifestly a spirit of unity common to all” “…quia animum unitatis communem omnibus apertepate faciebat”. (Sacrae Theologie Summa BAC)

They met, they discussed, they excommunicated one another, but always with the effective will and the goal of achieving unity in a single head.And they did it, with the imperfect council of Constanza in which they chose Martin V as successor of San Pedro.If we use as a criterion of judgment for the present situation of the Churchwhich, mutatis mutandi, it happened once, we can affirm that today there is a true and formal schism between the Sedevacantist bishops (including their priests and their faithful);and that we can also affirm with certainty that, today, those who have athe spirit of unity, common, effective and manifest, and the only way to achieve it is with the Pope, not perpetuating the vacancy.

Inexcusable are sedevacantist bishops (whatever they are called and of whatever nationality they are, of Latin rite or of oriental rite) that perpetuate the vacancy of the Apostolic See arguing human and convenience reasons, transforming the suppletory jurisdiction in tacit jurisdiction, and until almostordinary for everything except for the election of a Pope, without also having an effective and manifest will to do so.Above all, they decide, above all, dogmatize and teach, unfortunately with fallible authority, endangering the souls that Christ came to save through the Catholic Church, transforming themselves into “popes” and transforming their chapels or congregations into “small Vatican”. All or most of the sedevacantist chapels have their own bishops and some up to three bishops;and those that do not, even worse, have their priests who act as if they were bishops.Do you not realize that it is a scandal for the faithful of the Church of Christ such an attitude and for those who are looking for it to get out of the darkness of error? It isn´t only scandalous, it is even laughable, it isn´t a serious thing, and today, they are no longer credible.Do they not realize that there is no distinction between them and the Episcopalians and Presbyterians (where the ultimate head, the nexus between God and the faithful is a bishop or a priest), sects that are so because they lack the note of unity that the Does it belong to the One and Only Church of Christ, bitter enemies of the existence of a visible head?

Sedevacantist Bishops, My Brothers, What’s the matter?What do you fear, to have to obey another?Why then do you submit to obedience to many and you don´t want to submit to anyone, except a Pope?You are horrified by the mere idea of ​​having it, to the point of stretching theology like rubber to perpetuate the vacancy. Because of having a Pope, the first ones we are going to have to obey are we, the bishops.Remember that the “perennial acephalia” is a heresy.We need Peter to put us each in the place that corresponds to us, and with humility and submission accept their decisions.It would be good for everyone.I am willing to do everything with the grace of God, my life and my salvation go in the unity of the Church.

“…the Sedevacantist bishops only have the power of order and exercise extraordinary jurisdiction only in a provisional manner, until the Seat of St. Peter is occupied by a true Pope.And in no way is it likely to perpetuate indefinitely with the need of need, through the virtue of the epiqueya, without puting the appropriate means to end the vacancy of the apostolic headquarters. “

Simplistic solution? No, theologically Catholic solution.

I also don´t understandthe faithfuls that they don´t compel their bishops to solve the problem of the lack of a Pope.Indifferent, negative, don´t care and are often even stumbling blocks don´t realize that the first beneficiaries of the Pope are you who are going to be sure that the path that is proposed to them to get to heaven is certain and certain? Don´t they realize that they will have the theological certainty of belonging to the Church of Christ? Don´t they realize that they will be able to appeal to the Pope in case of problems of conscience with their bishops and priests? Do they not realize that they will be protected against the often capricious and voluble will of the bishops and priests, who destroy when they should build and who err positively? So many cases we have seen of faithful who abandoned the faith because they could not resort to any supreme authority in cases of unjust persecution or scandals by some priests or bishops. I really can´t understand so much apathy, and even aversion to the idea of ​​having a Pope.

When His Holiness Leo XIII, like his Vicar, goes into the mind of Jesus Christ to explain the unity of the Church in the encyclical SatisCognitum, he says bluntly that Our LordHe didn´t even conceive in his mind a Church without the Pope. He wants tosay that he never crossed his mind when he instituted the Church another option that didn´t have Pedro as the necessary foundation. “Ubi Petrus, ibi Ecclesia” (Where is Peter, is the Church).

The Catholic Church isn´t limited only to the power of order for the administration of the sacraments, it is a more complex apparatus in which the hierarchy, and beginning and ending with the Pope, it is necessary; it is true of definite faith. It isn´t only Holy Mass, Communion and Confession for the faithful.If this were the case, the institution of the Supreme Pontificate by Our Lord Jesus Christ would be vain and unnecessary.

Responding to some comments that we have received, I publicly protest that I don´t want to be a Pope, nor do I believe myself to be such; but yes, positively I want to be one of your constituents, if necessary. I also thank those who comment on the letter, for or against; If we do it with charity and out of love for the truth, we will reach a good end.That is to have an effective spirit of unity even presenting objections.

I want to ask those who read these writings, for charity to send them to the Bishops they know, even if they don´t agree, leave us the last word. Or, failing that, send us to the Foundation’s blog addresses sedevacantist bishops around the world to get in touch with them and send them the letter.

And after having done what corresponds in conscience, that is what God wants.

In Christ and Mary,

Bishop Juan José Squetino S.


3rd Letter

First of all I want to say that I will continue to try and fight for the meeting of a conclave for the election of the Pope. Thirty-eight years were spent (studying, discussing the then theologians) so that what was called the “Great Schism” ended with the election of Martin V, but they arrived in their love for the unity of the Church and of the Catholic faithful to end it with the imperfect council of Constance. Fifty-four years have passed since the death of His Holiness Pius XII and nothing has yet been done, or very little.That persevere what remains me of life, that only God knows how much it will be, trying to put my quota for the unity of the Church, although some don´t see it that way, it is nothing.If it isn´t achieved, in conscience I know that it will not have been because of my negligence as a Catholic Bishop

When I published the letters to the Sedevacantist Bishops, many panicked, thinking that we would choose a Pope in the kitchen of the Seminary during breakfast. How ridiculous, please don´t underestimate me. For me it was and is a surprise to see how much divisionand spirit of independence there is in the souls, of all, laity and clerics.What is more clear to me than ever, is that there are many enemies who tremble at the possibility of Catholic unity, and that is why they use a Judeo-Masonic weapon: slander, lies, defamation. As the French illuminists said: “Lie, lie that something will be left” (“Mentez, mentez, quelque chose restera”).

Also, please, I ask you not to refer to me as a Sedevacantist Bishop. I am not a sedevacantist, if calling me a Catholic doesn´t seem like it, today how fashionable are the labels, please call me “conclavist”, which is a sine qua non condition to be called “catholic”.

Being the Church a perfect society, which isn´t part of any other, nor directly subordinate to any, has as suchqualitiesthat are its own. The first of these qualities is the authority of jurisdiction. That is, the link between the members that makes it a perfect society is the power of regime or government.Without jurisdiction, there is no perfect society, there is no Church. Without Primate and without Hierarchy that of right has power to govern subjects even imperatively, even with penalties and sanctions that obligate in conscience and not only in the external forum, there would be no Church as a perfect society. How much more the definition of a perfect society destroys the impossibility of choosing the head when it lacks, that is, remaining emphatic and being able to continue living in unity, a unity that gives it not only faith and worship (moreover, without government, Faith and Worship vanish), but also necessarily the government one, in this case, the Pope and the bishops in their dioceses united to the Pope!

The election of the Pope is necessary to continue calling us Catholics.

To say that one can´t or that one isn´t convenient is the same as saying that the Church isn´t perfect but imperfect.

Power can be, is more, must be done.If it isn´t convenient due to the current circumstances of division after division and of the spirit of independence and individualism of the majority; We must try to change things and make it convenient.

If we are living through a period of total anarchy, and those of us who call ourselves Catholics don´t focus on the election of the Pope, we must doubt our catholicity.

The downside of this individualistic spirit that reigns in those who call themselves Catholics is that it killed the trust of each other.So many things have been said, some true, others false, so much gossip, so much talk without a spirit of charity has undermined the trust that the souls of good will can have among themselves. Well, we must try to recover it with facts, not only with words and know how to have a true Christian spirit. To know how to forgive, without grudges and lookingforwardis the work of virtuous;we have to be, for love of God, souls and the Church.

When Our Lord Jesus Christ instituted his Church, in his will he made it Hierarchical and with a Primate in San Pedro, which must be perennial, perpetual, is a definite catholic faith.To ensure this perpetuity of the successors of San Pedro it is necessary that the perpetuity of the electors of their successors is assured until the end of the world.If therewill beperpetual successors of Peter, there will be perpetual electors.

SS Pius XII in his constitution on the Vacancy Seat, closes the door to jurisdictional acts that are proper to the Pope at the time of Vacancy, because it forces the electors to choose the successor of Peter as soon as possible. And it puts a brake on the abuses of authority of those who would think that without the Pope, they can do as if they had used the epikeia, the jurisdiction supplied and so little by little, as time went by they would think that the Pope is definitely no longer necessary. Any resemblance to the thought of the sedevacantist movement is mere coincidence.

Today, if a sedevacantist Bishop excommunicates someone or dictates some measure of episcopal authority, nobody cares, as if a Bishop were only to confirm and ordain priests.To realize that this isn´t the case, it is enough to see the texts of the Roman Pontifical for the consecration of a Bishop. Everything leads to the government of his flock.

It also happens with the priests in the chapels, I have many cases.If the priest indicates to the faithful something that bothers him, he retires from the chapel and looks for another one where he finds someone who praises his ears and tells him what he wants to hear and criticizes the previous priest.

A Church without a Pope and where the Bishops can only, as one’s own, execute the power of order, is absurd. The Church is legally organized as a society in nothingness and fall within the definitions of Church condemned by Leo XIII and Pius XII. “Church of charity“, “Church pneumatic” (only spiritual, where the union between the faithful is an invisible link, and not legal), already condemned terms, but that today have been reborn with all the force of the postmodern mentality. Where? In the sedevacantist movement.

In the sedevacantist movement, the faithful chooses the priest who will follow, as long as he likes and doesn´t contradict him, nor imposes heavy obligations on him, nor tells him that missing Mass on Sunday without a just cause is a mortal sin;the priest elects the bishop who will obey, provided that the bishop sends him not to disturb you nor much mind his own business and visit little so they don´t account for committing abuses of authority;and the bishop is happy thus being a zero to the left with the bases and without having to give an account to anyone above, and finally everyone has the power to govern themselves.It is definitely another church, it isn´t the Church founded by Our Lord.It seemsmore to the modernist constitution of the Church with the base communities and collegiality or to some Protestant sects.

All this is a consequence of the unwillingness to elect the Pope.

What would happen in a State whose Judicial Power can´t punish, nor dictate sentence, whose Legislative Power can´t dictate laws and whose Executive Power doesn´t exist or can´t enforce them in order to the common good, typical of every perfect society? It would be chaos, anarchy.The same happens today in sedevacantism, in which all the groups boast of being Catholic, and they are all divided, and some go further saying that they are the only Catholics and each one pulling for their side; total anarchy, democratization of authority, subversion of the natural order of government and the divine constitution of the Church. Never before our Lord Jesus Christ did it cross his mind when he instituted the Church, as says Leo XIII, the sedevacantist movement, which by making the Seat of Peter perennial vacancy, makes the unity between similar groups of its kind come from a purely moral and not legal union and thus remain separate.

This isn´t a destructive criticism of anyone, nor is it against anyone in particular, I just want to manifest what I believe and I am convinced is the truth. Catholics who see very well that the seat of Peter is vacant, don´t stay in that position, go one step further, we have to work for the unity and the election of the Pope!

The Vacancy Seat can´t be instituted as a state of affairs as it has been happening for fifty-four years; but it is a transition between the Vacancy Seat for the reasons given by the Canonical Code and the occupation by the chosen successor of Peter.

The Sedevacantist bishops have the power of order and exercise extraordinary jurisdiction in a provisional manner, until the Seat of St. Peter is occupied by a true Pope.And in no way is it likely to perpetuate indefinitely with the need of the need, through the virtue of the epiqueya, without puting the appropriate means to end the vacancy of the apostolic headquarters.

In Christ and Mary,

+ Mons. Juan José Squetino S.

By way of clarification:

Bishop López-Gastón was ordained by Bishop Carmona and Rivera, I personally know. It was Mons. Carmona who received the resignation from the marriage bond on the part of his wife, since Bishop López-Gastón was married. I personally heard Bishop Carmona praise him as a priest.

He was never a seminarian of the Modernist Church.He was a Marist Brother, who served as such in Cuba, and was also a Doctor in Theology, History and Canon Law at the Gregorian University in Rome well before the CVII. He was dispensed from his vows when the Vatican Council.

I never belonged to any vetero-Catholic sect, nor was I in communion with any.I am a Catholic, Apostolic, Roman bishop.In my childhood and adolescenceI was a modernist, when I was 18, Ientered the Fraternity of St. Pius X, from which I left voluntarily and not expelled and embraced Catholicism when I understood the problem of the vacancy of the Apostolic See.Always, as bishop, directly or indirectly, I proposed the meeting of a conclave because I could never understand a Church without a Pope.

I never wanted or even asked Mons. Carmona to consecrate me as bishop, as they said in a commentary in an anti-Catholic internet forum; first because we already had one that was worth a thousand sedevacantist bishops of today, Msgr. Moisés Carmona y Rivera (who also positively wanted to promote the election of a Pope, I also know), and second because I was 25 when he ordained me in 1991, (today I have 47) and he died six weeks later, in fact the last administration of the sacrament of Order was with the consecration of BishopPivarunason September 24, 1991; on 1-11-1991 Mons. Carmona gave his soul to the Lord.

If the heretics and schismaticsdon´t confer the sacrament of the Order validly for the fact of being hereticsstillusing thePontifical Romano, then ALL the bishops of the Vatican Council and their successors didn´t ordain or consecrate anyone validly afterwards, since they were all apostates.For example, in the case of the formally heretical decree of religious freedom, December 1965, (where the lack of papal authority in Montiniis definitely confirmed), the FINAL ACT was signed by EVERYONE and EACH of the attending bishops (2386), STILL COULD NOT DO IT; including Bishop Thuc, BishopLefebvreand Bishop de Castro Mayer.

Bishop Thuc comes from a Syrian-Chaldean Nestorian episcopal line (heretics), whose full reconciliation with Rome occurred only in 1830. The Nestorian bishops of the Chaldean branch who returned to Roman unity were neverreconsecrated.

The line of Bishop Duarte Costa was always held by Rome as valid, it is enough to prove it with a fact: Bishop Duarte Costa was excommunicated by Pius XII in 1945, a few years later, Bishop Salomao Ferraz, consecrated by Duarte Costa, was received by Pius XII himself and reconciled with Rome without any re-consecration under subsequent condition and was appointed titular bishop of Eleuterna, with this Rome showed “de jure” and “de facto” the validity of the episcopal consecration of Mons. Salomao Ferraz, who was also married.

The Anglicans ceased to have validity in the sacrament of the Order when they changed the form of Episcopal Consecration and of the Priestly Ordination as it says LeoXIII in the encyclical “Apostolicae curae” because that change in the form of the sacrament implied a change in intention (as in modernism); during the time they used the form of the Roman Pontifical, their episcopal consecrations and priestly ordinations were considered valid, although they were no longer in communion with the Roman Church.

To the faithful: “Don´t give credit to every wind of words,” as the imitation of Christ says; don´t feed with reading or direct intervention to anonymous blogs that only sow division and confusion, because for them “to divide is to reign”, liars, slanderers children of the Devil, because he is the father of lies.

When they talk about me, everyone has my e-mail (juanjosesquetino@hotmail.com) to ask me directly. Don´t believe what anonymous people say that they don´t even know me and who invent slanders so that we don´t go ahead with the unity work that we proposed, because they don´t want us Catholics to join.




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